Area | 180 sq.m
Location | Lake K, Ukraine
The young couple who approached us wanted to create a modern and concise interior design for their country house.
We worked within the existing layout, making minimal adjustments to the interior space.

The house has all the necessary areas: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom with its own bathroom and dressing room, and a children's room. The entrance area and kitchen are hidden behind fluted glass partitions in a metal frame, dividing the space into zones.

Minimalism of forms, innovative technologies and functionality merge into a single whole, where each object finds its place embodied in the form of modern furniture with clean lines and no unnecessary details.

A large, cosy living room with a fireplace area has become a point of attraction, where porcelain tiles and wood are combined in a geometric pattern, complementing each other. The hearth becomes not only a symbol, but also the aesthetic center of the house.
Warm wood softens the austere interior, while the calm white background serves as a blank canvas on which opposing textures and materials meet.
The alternation of dark and light planes reminds us of the eternal search for balance.
The second floor offers an atmosphere of peace and privacy. The bedroom is dominated by muted colours and soft textures.
A strict combination of monochrome shades brings a touch of elegance. Olive colour diluting the overall palette gives the interior a refined and refreshing harmony.
The children's room for a girl is coloured in powdery tones, giving the interior tenderness and warmth. Every element, from furniture to soft toys, creates an atmosphere for the development of children's imagination.

The study can be easily transformed into a room for future children.
The house also includes technical rooms such as laundry and boiler room.
We have created an interior in which every detail serves its purpose, emphasising the purity of lines and shapes. The overall harmony turns it into a cosy retreat filled with inspiration and beauty.

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