Apartment in Slovakia

Area | 90 sq.m
Location | Michalovce, SL

The modern approach is based on a fundamental enjoyment of life that focuses not on the outside, but on inner satisfaction and well-being.

Following the basic principles of the townhouse "Michalovce", the choice of materials is also restrained, with few variations. The minimal use of materials helps tie the house together on several levels while landing it in place. The finishes, which can be intentionally patinated over time, combine with sleek and modern elements, allowing the home to capture moments in time through feeling.

The open layout of the living room, dining room and kitchen is perfect for family life and hosting
friends. The emphasis on warmth as an equalizer for the tougher elements and finishes on the property.
The power of the chosen finishes makes the home a comfortable and inspiring place to live. Avoiding fleeting styles and staying true to basic quality materials.

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