Area | 75 sq.m
Location | Odessa, UA
"Tukan" is not just a place where you can enjoy delicious desserts, it is a real urban oasis on the most bustling and lively street of Odesa. Where architecture, design and taste merge into a single art.

According to the customer's wish it was necessary to divide the space into two volumes by a wall. The first room is for a coffee shop, and in the second room is a patisserie for making desserts. From the street side it was necessary to hide the process of dessert making from passers-by. We were to work with a complex configuration of the spaces, which accommodated the sanitary and staff and technical rooms.
As an accent we chose copper elements, they add elegance to the tropical interior. Tall mirrors emphasise the architecture of the room, adding light and space to the coffee house. They reflect the play of light and shadow, adding dynamism to the overall perception of the interior. Semicircular shapes in the interior echo the shape of the dessert counter, which also soften the grey colour.
From the street, the attention of passers-by is attracted by metre-long luminaires in the shape resembling a pastry whisk, designed specially for the project. They create a unique lighting accent inside the room, placed above the central island in the pastry shop.

This place is created to surprise with unusual interior and taste.

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