Area | 65 sq.m
Location | Dubai, UAE
V-Art Gallery represents unique artworks of the modern painters from Europe, whose paintings
may be found in museums and private collections all around the world.

Gallery located at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

Based on the principles of purity of form and the absence of unnecessary details, the interior of this gallery is a perfect union of modern elegance and architectural rigour. In the gallery, the black and white aesthetic not only serves as a backdrop for art, but also becomes art itself. The white walls are the canvas on which all the beauty of art is revealed. The absence of colours and decorative elements directs visitors' attention solely to the artwork.​​​​​
The brass handle becomes an accent in this black and white symphony. The handle is not only a logo, but also a functional design element. Positioned to catch the visitors' attention, this approach not only emphasises the visual perception of the brand, but also creates interaction with the visitors.
The art gallery is zoned using movable partitions and provides unique zones for a variety of art displays. Movable partitions serve as a key tool for creating different exhibition areas. They can be easily moved and re-formed, allowing the space to be adapted to different types of art and changed to suit the needs of each exhibition.
Sculptural works of art are mounted on elegant pedestals that become an integral part of the interior.

Gallery's goal is to acquaint the real connoisseurs of art with the masters of the old school who follow principles of adherence to traditions and legacy of generations.​​​​​​​

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