in collaboration with Simple Architects
Area | 680 sq.m
Location | Riyadh, KSA
The paradigm of the traditional Arab courtyard is considered in the concept of this private villa in Riyadh, where climate and context provide a vital role for the courtyard, modulating the inner private space, evoking the ancient Arab architecture. The courtyard garden offers a controlled view of the landscape and water from the interior.

"The L"-shaped array was designed with the intention of creating a refuge from the desert sun, casting a shadow over the courtyard. The form seems carved out of a solid mass, understatedly elegant yet monumental. The rectilinear composition of cubic volumes is modeled around an impressive central space.
A private oasis in the city around which the functions of the villa unfold. Creating a microclimate in which traditional methods of passive landscape cooling, shading, and water cooling reduce the ambient temperature and create privacy.
Natural materials are used to reinforce the concept of the house - a wall of local natural stone frames the borders and garden, a stone covering accentuates the natural wood openings.
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